SIXPACK Linear Solvers Library, Fortran Unformatted File Utilities, Unix 5th/6th Edition Utilities, NACA Airfoils, CFX Structured Mesh Generator

SixPACK: Linear Solvers for Finite Volume/Finite Difference Equations

Sixpack is a library of solvers that may be used to solve structured finite volume and finite difference discretisations of PDE's. The solvers include static methods like Jacobi's Method, SOR, SSOR, RBSOR, incomplete factorisation methods like ILU, ILDL, SIP, MSI, Krylov space methods like CG and, BiCGSTAB (with a variety of preconditioners), and a multigrid solver using Jacobi, ILU, ILDL and SIP for smoothing. In addition there is a block tridiagonal solver for when you want to try a direct method.

The library is written in a union of Fortran 90, CM Fortran, and High Performance Fortran, and has been run on DEC Alpha's, DEC Alpha workstation cluster's, various SGI Power Machines, a CM-5, and Linux.

A more recent version has the HPF/CM Fortran directives stripped out and uses Fortran 90 data structures to clean up the interfaces.

Fortran Unformatted File Utilities

Most Unix Fortran compilers have a standard format for their unformatted files. The main differences are that DEC and Intel architectures use little endian representation, whilst Sun, IBM, SGI, HP, TMC and Cray's IEEE format use big endian data. These utilities enable you to have a look at a Fortran unformatted file to see the size of the data records, and to swap its endianess from big to little, or vis versa.

Very useful for transporting unformatted data to and from your linux box if you are using a big endian machine.

Unix 5th/6th Edition Utilities

u5e is an implimentation of the Unix 5th/6th Edition filesystem for Linux. It is read-only, and for 2.0 Kernels.

u5e_restore will read and restore Unix 5th/6th Edition dump files.

NACA Airfoil Profiles

The NACA airfoil profiles are a commonly used family of foils. I have implimented a library to generate NACA 4- and 5- digit foils, and NACA 0-, 1-, 6- and 6A series foils. This library can be linked with your source code, or alternatively, a small demo program can be used to generate airfoils in gnuplot format.

CFX Structured Mesh Generator

A small code to generate a structured mesh for CFX. Generates an ASCII file in CFX-4 (ie: Flow3D) *.geo format. Use it to model your driven cavities, or modify the code or output to model more elaborate block structured meshes.