CFD Pictures

Transient Natural Convection

Longitudinal Rayleigh-Benard rolls in a transient stratified intrusion flow, visualised using a shadowgraph technique. Experimental data (top), CFD simulation (below).

Double Diffusive Convection

Transient 2D double diffusive flow, modelled using FreeALE. For comparison the same flow is modelled with no thermal forcing.

Flapping Aerofoils

The vorticity shed from a flapping foil interacting with a stationary foil. Calculated using FreeALE.
The voronoi mesh is shown here.
Two animations of vorticity being shed from the flapping foil.


An image of flow in an artificial heart. Also two animations of the same flow. Calculated by Chris Were using FreeALE.
Another picture of the artificial heart flow. By Chris Were.


Unsteady flow past a cylinder, and an animation of the flow. By Chris Were using FreeALE.

IACC Sails

Flow over a reaching IACC spinnaker / mainsail combination. By Kerry Hedges using Flow3D (CFX).
A view over a running IACC yacht rig. By Kerry Hedges using Flow3D (CFX).

Wind Engineering

Flow over the ferry building in downtown Auckland. By Peter Richards, calculated using Phoenics, visualised using SeeFD.

Natural Convection

Streamlines in a rectangular cavity heated from the side. From an early study of 3D natural convection by Gordon Mallinson.


Flow around an AV-8 visualised with FAST. This picture gets dragged out whenever people talk about "Grand Challenges". From the FAST home page.