Environmental Chamber

Research Facility


The environmental chamber test facility is located within the Thermodynamics Laboratory in the School of Engineering, and is available for commercial contract research work.


The chamber enables control of ambient temperature and humidity for product testing, development and evaluation



Chamber Details

         Chamber size 2.85 m long x 1.95 m high x 2.05 m deep

         Temperature range 5 to 45 C, control to 0.5

         Humidity range 40% to 95% (dependent on operating temperature)

         Computer based data acquisition, 64 channels

         Variable voltage power supply with power consumption transducers


Chamber Applications


         Testing and development of refrigeration products and systems

         Testing and development of humidity control devices

         Testing of Electronic components

         Any application where controlled environmental conditions are required


Examples of Past projects


       Refrigerator and freezer efficiency testing to a variety of international standards

       Evaluation of alternative refrigerants and refrigeration components

       Efficiency test standards correlation and harmonisation

       Effect of ambient conditions, door opening and food load variation on refrigerator power consumption and efficiency



For further information please contact:   Stephen  Elder