There’s no “correct way” to reference on-line notes/books.

The year you refer to would be the year it is now.


Here are examples of how others have referred to these notes:




Journal papers:

Agirre-Olabide et al 2017 Smart Mater. Struct. 26 035021

Kang et al 2015 Trans Kor Soc Mech Eng 39(11) 1183-1189

Chugh 2013 Num and Anal Meth in Geomech



Mardalizad et al 2015 10th Euro LS-DYNA Conf

Kulkarni et al 2015 ISSS National conf on MEMS Smart Materials



van Rijbroek 2015 Eindhoven UoT


A simple version would be something like:

Kelly, PA. Mechanics Lecture Notes: An introduction to Solid Mechanics.  Available from



If you really want to delve into the intricacies of this topic …