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Dr. Mike O'Sullivan

I am a academic at The University of Auckland in New Zealand. My specialty is Operations Research (OR) and my current research focus is: the use of OR for building intelligent cloud computing systems; improving health delivery services by using OR; and, developing computational tools for OR.

More Information
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My research group has been developing Dippy, a Python interface for an advanced Mixed-Integer Linear Programming solver DIP (= Decomposition in Integer Programming). There are various sources to help get started with Dippy:
  • Online version of Dippy documentation;
  • Dippy -- a simplified interface for advanced mixed-integer programming, Michael O‚ÄôSullivan, Qi-Shan Lim, Cameron Walker, Iain Dunning, Stuart Mitchell.
    Report 685, University of Auckland Faculty of Engineering, Auckland, New Zealand, February 2011. Available on Optimization Online.