Research video showcase - Heide Friedrich's projects

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Ballotini/Bentonite Turbidity Current
4 MB - 0:33min

Research partly funded by The University of Auckland Cross-Faculty Research Initiatives Fund (CFRIF)

Development of dunes from a flat bed - 18.5m x 1.35m
5 MB - 0:33min

Research partly funded by Marsden Fund (UOA220)

Development of ripples from a flat bed
18 MB - 2:31min

Gravel-bed particle movement
3.5 MB - 0:58min

produced by Katherine Heays

4th Year Student Project - Artificial Surf Reef Study
18 MB - 2:16min

produced by students Alistair Briffet and Alistair Hancox

4th Year Student Project - Flow Visualisation
7 MB - 0:51min

produced by students John Hardley and Rebecca Donnelly

Mobile Boundary Layer
0.4 MB - 0:06min


Mobile Boundary Layer
1 MB - 0:20min



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